Our Goal

In collaboration with school administration, parents and teachers, we assist students reach their academic goals through positive reinforcement techniques and an incentive-based program.

Who We Serve

Our program is targeted at and implemented in particular South Los Angeles Junior High Schools, where teachers spend more than half of their instructional time reprimanding students.

Ask Yourself

What rewards, incentives, and motivation do students from low social – economic backgrounds have to excel academically? Is the lack of investment by local, state and national entities affecting.

Welcome to Lotus

Where is the collective approach to ensuring that our children excel?

Our Video

Earn points towards obtaining there desired incentive via good classroom behavior, completing assignments and doing well on tests.

Featured Work

Our Mission?

Lotus-It Takes a Village provides low performing youths with incentives to adopt positive attitudes for personal and academic success. We help promote a desire to learn, to do better, and to be better.